About Us

To offer the best service to you our best customer. We are focused on sharing the message of Salvation to all people in the Greater New York Conference territory through our literature and healthy food options.

The Team

Ysaias Javier

ABC Manager

Noemí Pimentel Javier

ABC Accountant / Bookkeeper

Wayne A. Perry

ABC Sales Representative

Celandia Solano

ABC Staff
Adventist Book Center (ABC)

To encourage our staff to develop a better relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.

  1. Encourage our conference cdministrators, departmental leaders, pastors, office staff and church members to pray for the ABC : to be faithful supporters of our mission and become regular committed customers.
  2. Develop better customer service.
  3. Introduce more whole food products.
  4. Have a 7% increase in sales every year.
  5. Implement an annual price discount day.
  1. To create a new GNYC publishing distribution policy.
  2. To cover all its yearly operation expenses.
  3. To reduce $5,000.00 yearly to the outstanding balance with the GNYC.

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