About Us

Warm Greetings to the Greater New York Constituency.

We are humbled to be co-partners with the Master Strategist to develop the plans and projections of our visions for our Conference over this quadrennium (2022-2026).

We are focused and intentional in our plans to grow our membership, sustain and maintain our churches, provide growth opportunities for our young people, expand our educational system, and maintain a spiritual and united front among our workers. Each Ministry in the Greater New York Conference is collaborative and seeks to work together to achieve the theme: “United in Mission, We Will Go.”

I commend my dedicated, committed, efficient, and competent workers who accepted the divine invitation to be servant leaders. I am confident that God will bless our effort as they join me in submitting these plans to God and working with their churches and schools.

The Team

Dr. Alanzo Smith


Tania Mangum

[Administrative Assistant]