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Vision: To expand and deepen the awareness, importance and impact of Children’s Ministries across the Greater New York Conference territory.

Mission: To foster and develop a committed, confident, motivated and caring community of Children’s Ministries leaders, volunteers, pastors and church members who intentionally seek, serve and share the good news of the gospel to inspire children to Say Yes to Jesus!

The Team

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Global Children’s Day

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Childrens Ministry Department Goals and Objective in English
A group of impactful people gathers for the week-long experience — which attendees have described as “a journey into the future.”
Childrens Ministry Department Goals and Objective in Spanish
Access to the conference and a workshop of your choice. Stick around for mind-blowing ideas from best speakers exclusively at Genesis Expo.
It's hard to learn things on an empty stomach. Breakfast, lunch, snacks and unlimited tea and coffee are all part of the ticket price.
Children’s Ministries

Encourage and support Children’s Ministries teams, children and families in nurturing their walk with Jesus Christ.
Personal Growth

  • Encourage an intentional, powerful prayer life and study of the Sabbath School lesson as key tools for daily personal and spiritual growth.
  • Generate and distribute the T.A.G. (Time Alone with God) activity pamphlet to Children’s Ministries teams and other departments.
  • In partnership with local churches – teach parents how to model daily devotional time with God to their children.
  • Select and distribute kids devotional materials and links via the gnyc.org Children’s Ministries web page, email newsletter and other media platforms.

Collective Consciousness

  • Support bible study groups on line, in person or via church-led bible.
  • Facilitate training on key topics including the yearly NAD Certification Series for Children’s Ministries leaders, teams, parents, adventurer directors and Family Life teams.
  • In partnership with NAD, deliver Train the Trainer certificate program to formally establish a cohort of GNYC Children’s Ministries instructors for better delivery of programs in the GNYC territories.
  • Solicit churches to participate actively on a yearly or bi-annual basis in one of the discipleship opportunities below (subject to change)
    – I Share Jesus Challenge (Individual and Group Evangelism Opportunity).
    – GO FISH for kids training program (Evangelism Opportunity).
    – Three Angels Message (Evangelism Opportunity).
    – 28 Fundamentals (Discipleship Opportunity).
    – Fruit of the Spirit (Evangelism and Service Opportunity).
    – My Spiritual Gifts – Child-Centered Spirituality.

Mindful Awareness

  • Assess the spiritual growth and life skills needs of leaders, children and parents to effectively deliver the right support and resources,
  • dentify parent-focused learning opportunities to empower and resource parents in their spiritual walk with Christ,
  • Facilitate workshops and provide resources on critical topics such as: children’s mental health and trauma education, possibility ministry (special needs) and protecting our children:-
    -Teach awareness, mindfulness, acceptance and active compassion, inclusion and allyship regarding autism/ASD and other special needs,

Help Children’s Ministries teams, children and families build lasting Christ-centered and loving relationships within their churches and families.
Interpersonal Relationships

  • Partner with various ministries to identify mutual areas of need and work together towards solutions that meet agreed upon goals focused on families,
  • Encourage teams and pastors to re-imagine and establish programs or projects for inter-generational partnerships,
  • Establish a mentoring system and community hub where new and seasoned leaders and team members can fast-track their ability to settle into their positions and effectively lead their teams,– Non-Profit Leadership Certification.

Pastor/Teacher Relationships

  • In partnership with the GNYC Education department, identify areas of need that Children’s Ministries can support and promote and showcase Adventist Education within our programs.

Train and support those who work with children to integrate a child-centered outreach component in their programs across Children’s Ministries, Sabbath School, Vacation Bible School and other areas.
Evangelism is our Commission

  • Help Children’s Ministries teams, pastors and families re-imagine VBS, Sabbath School, Puppet Ministry and Possibility Ministry (Special Needs), as gateways to reach people in our communities for the cause of Christ.
  • Promote and support programs and activities geared towards deepening children’s understanding of evangelism and the part they play in seeking and sharing the gospel:
    – Go Fish Spiritual Gift Classes for Kids:
    – Puppet Ministry teams and shows during revivals, community guest days and Easter, Fall and Christmas programs
  • Challenge and help churches to create and implement an extended VBS outreach plan: what they plan to do after summer VBS to engage children and parents.

Soul Winning

  • Encourage Children’s Ministries teams to anchor their ministry on the discipleship of children.
  • Curate and distribute materials geared towards Kids Discipleship including a framework for using and tracking results and impact.

Church Growth

  • In partnership with key ministries, design a plan/process to root children through their faith development journey so that they will of their own volition feel compelled to return after college and serve faithfully in their churches and communities.
  • Seek opportunities to better support and participate in church growth initiatives.

Church Education is our Commission

  • Source, collect and distribute information, materials, video links and other resources to teams on church education related matters.

Actively promote and support the Forward in Completion imperative as opportunities arise.


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