About Us

Mission: To preach the everlasting gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ through families, in the territory of the Greater New York Conference.

Vision: To promote healthy families for the kingdom of God .

The Team

Dr. Samuel Peguero

[Family Ministries Director]

Pr. Lundale Munroe

[Associate Family Ministries]

Catherine Merette

[Admin. Assistant]
Crisis Definition
  • A Crucial Time
  • A Turning Point
  • A situation that threatens one’s adequacy to cope
  • Lose meaning with time
  • Can be without food for days
  • Lose sense of reality
  • Tend to pull away from important relationships
  • Avoid truth and reality
  • Make Contact People in crisis don’t always come; more often we must go.
  • Reduce Anxiety The director/counselor’s calm, relaxed manner can help reduce anxiety in the person.
  • Focus on Issues Help the person to decide what are the specific issues which must be faced.
  • Plan Intervention Decide on a course of action….”what will we do?”
  • Encourage Action Encourage person to take action, to evaluate progress and to modify plans.
  • Instill Hope Give sense of “Realistic Hope” for the future. (hope brings relief from suffering)
  • Environmental Intervention Sometimes there is value in changing the person’s environment.
  • Follow Up Follow up with a phone call or visit, etc.
  • Spiritual Resources
  • Personal Resources (list persons’ strengths
  • Interpersonal resources (people, friends, family, church etc)
  • Professional Help
Family Ministries

A paradigm that highlights homes as the main mission field, where children are prepared to be the new generation of Christ’s disciples. In this way families, united in the mission, are encouraged to bring other families to Jesus.

  1. Give seminars that help the constituents to better understand the concept of family and mission.
  2. Encourage activities at the local church level that help develop creative ideas that connect families with the mission of the church.
  3. Offer seminars that help parents prepare their children for Christian discipleship.
  4. Prepare and/or source print and digital resources for a family Bible study series.
  5. Carry out a week of family evangelism and family baptisms each year.

Develop an active Singles Ministry program where singles are empowered for a successful family life or a happy single life led by the Lord.

  1.  Hold virtual and face-to-face empowerment meetings for singles.
  2. Provide services to the community that promote unity in the mission.
  3. Convene Adventist Singles Retreats.
  4. Host social and recreational activities.

Encourage the creation of spouses’ clubs in the local churches to promote the well-being of married couples in the constituency and the community.

  1. Invigorate the activities of the local church with programs of a social and educational nature oriented to the family, with the support of singles clubs.
  2. Motivate reading about marriage and family in couples groups.
  3. Use couple’s programs as an evangelizing tool.
  4. Hold a couple’s retreat annually, ideally one in the country and one outside the United States.

Provide tools to parents to help their children to love Jesus and be formed with a perspective of eternity

  1. Conduct parenting training seminars.
  2. Hold an annual retreat for parents and parents-to-be.
  3. Guide parents on how to minister the heart of their children.

Provide continuous high-quality training that helps family leaders, church members, and people from the community to strengthen their knowledge in the area of family life and motivate them to share what they have learned.

  1. Present each year a family lay certification that addresses relevant issues.
  2. Every two years, offer the child abuse and molestation prevention course.
  3. With student participation, create a broad resource base that can be used as reference material for other parents or family leaders.

Provide professional counseling services to constituent members and their family or friends, as available.

26 May 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
26 May 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
22 July July 22 - July 28
22 July July 22 - July 28