About Us

Mission: To inspire, train, and equip pastors and lay people to fulfill the mission of making disciples and the faithful administration of the church.

Vission: To be a model ministry in pastoral leadership, evangelism, discipleship, stewardship, church planting, and district growth.

Values: Consecration to God, teamwork, integrity, responsibility, and discipline.

The Team

Yeury Ferreira

[Hispanic Ministries Director]

Karen Smordoni

[Administrative Assistant]
Hispanic Ministries

To grow the Hispanic pastoral body of the Greater New York Conference in an integrated manner to better serve God and His church.

Strategies for ministerial development:

  • Focus on the spiritual life of the pastors, their families, their social life, health, and continuing education through talks, printed materials, social gatherings, and family retreats.
  • Hold meetings with pastors individually to discuss topics related to their work.
  • Hold an annual pastoral planning meeting to discuss evangelistic strategies that may be
    implemented in the churches.

To create a culture of evangelism that impels the Hispanic Ministries to qualitative and quantitative growth of its membership.

Strategies in the area of evangelism:

  • Hold an annual evangelistic training event for pastors.
  • Host annual evangelistic trainings per zone, five training meetings per year.
  • Work towards the goal of increasing the baptism percentage by 5% from 2022-2026.
  • Plant a new congregation per district from 2022-2026.
  • Establish the “Operación Andrés” program, in order to train 320 Bible workers.
  • Establish the “Proyecto Apolos” program, in order to train 100 lay preachers.
  • Establish 250 functional small groups among the Hispanic community of GNYC.
  • Organize a worldwide evangelistic event every two years. • Impact social networks with the message of salvationand a training event.
  • Establish 2 new districts in the period 2022-2026.
  • Promote the quality of the programs and activities that are held during Hispanic Camp Meeting to inspire the churches to the soul-winning mission
  • Establish an online radio station an online radio station
    in order to expand the message more effectively.

To develop a culture of disciple training, where both youth and adult members can grow spiritually.

Strategy in the area of discipleship:

  • Develop a training program that is relevant for the time in which we are living.
  • Graduate 1,200 lay people as a result of the different GNYC training programs.
  • Establish the lay council by zones and a general council. • Recognize outstanding lay people each year.
  • Work together with the Youth Department to collaborate in the spiritual development of Hispanic youth.
  • Establish a quarterly magazine that enhances the integration and development of the lay people.

To support the Stewardship Department through a program that involves the training of pastors and lay people.

Strategies in the area of stewardship:

  • Work in partnership with the GNYC Stewardship Ministries.
  • Increase tithe contributions by 3% per year through raising awareness of the importance of Christian stewardship.
  • Establish an annual Stewardship Day that involves each church.
  • Establish a method that will help to lower the number of overdue remittances.
  • 2023 Year 1: 625 Baptisms.
  • 2024 Year 2: 657 Baptisms.
  • 2025 Year 3: 690 Baptisms.
  • 2026 Year 4: 724 Baptisms.
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