About Us

Vision: Let’s become an evangelizing church!

Mission: Our Mission is to spread the three angels’ gospel to people of different ethnic and linguistic backgrounds, while focusing on Korean Americans in the New York metropolitan area. “But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.” Act 1:8

The Team

Sang Ki Ahn

[Korean Ministries Director]
Korean Ministries

A Spirit-filled body of believers that are experiencing personal and corporate growth:

  1. Build a strong community of pastors and lay leaders.
  2. Create a culture of community among pastors.
  3. Organize yearly pastors’ retreat.
  4. Hold monthly pastors meetings by area.
  5. Host spiritual revival meetings twice a year.
  6. Offer training sessions to lay leaders once every two months.
  7. Convene a vision-building seminar twice a year.
  8. Create a development committee to plan activities for future generations

We receive training not because we would be disciples but because we are disciples:

  1.  Conduct process-analyses and manage each ministry in a systematic way.
  2. Gather contact information from church’s address books and through evangelism events.
  3. Have church members submit names of seekers through “Total Member Involvement.”
  4. Train 50 gospel workers for urban evangelism and church planting for future generations.
  5. Host evangelism training for youth leaders twice a year.
  6. Provide short-term leadership training.
  7. Boost discipleship training at each local church (for bible teachers and small group leaders).
  8. Schedule united field- training exercises twice a year.

As we understand the mission command given in Matthew 28, we gradually expand our mission from ourselves to our
families, then our local churches, and to our communities.

  1. Total Member Involvement.
  2. Initiate small-group ministries.
  3. Engaged in Community Services.
  4. Foster a magazine ministry with church magazines like “Signs” and “Home and Health).
  5. Use the first week of every month for church mission activity.
  6. Plant seeds through various evangelism events.
  7. Teach and employ effective visitation.
  8. Offer health seminars like NEWSTART, Heath EXPO and similar programs.
  9. Sponsor relief and support programs for seniors, immigrants, people struggling with depression, etcetera.
  10. Present cultural ministries like plays, concerts, and cross-cultural experiences as well as language schools, computer classes and other educational programs.
  1. Promote the spirit of stewardship through relevant messages on a regular basis.
  2. Set goals for each church’s tithes and offerings, and then evaluate the results.
  3. Encourage the donation of freewill offering.
  4. Invite guest pastors to preach about stewardship.
  5. Host a united stewardship seminar among the Korean churches.

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