About Us

Vision: To inspire the men of the Greater New York Conference with a vision to impact their churches and their communities for Christ.

Mission: Our mission is to connect men with God through His word so that they can be a godly influence in their families, the church, and the community.

The Team

Dr. Reginald Barthelemy

[Men's Ministry Director]

Lisa D. González

[Administrative Assistant]
Training Modules

This men’s ministries curriculum, developed by North American Division Men’s Ministries, includes ten modules written by men’s ministries professionals. Each 90-minute module can be used as a training event for local men’s ministries personnel.The ten training modules include:

  • Biblical Foundations of Men’s Ministry
  • Effective Men’s Ministry in the Local Church
  • What Men Are Like and What They Need
  • A Man’s Connection to God
  • The Man of God as a Husband
  • The Man of God as a Father
  • The Man of God at Work
  • Men of God in Groups: Support and Accountability
  • The Man of God in Action: Disciple and Evangelist
  • Successful Men’s Ministry Events
North American Division Men's Ministries
A group of impactful people gathers for the week-long experience — which attendees have described as “a journey into the future.”
Men's Ministries Quick Start Guide
Access to the conference and a workshop of your choice. Stick around for mind-blowing ideas from best speakers exclusively at Genesis Expo.
Just A Little Talk with Jesus
Access to the conference and a workshop of your choice. Stick around for mind-blowing ideas from best speakers exclusively at Genesis Expo.
Adventist Men's Ministries: A Training Program for Local Churches Book

Your men’s ministry can move the men of your church from the status quo to a new and exciting experience of God, one that they will welcome if you do it right. You can succeed by meeting them where they are, building a sense of community among them, and presenting them with interesting challenges.

Paperback. Copyright 2012.

Men’s Ministries
  1. Lead men to experience Christ-centered relationships.
  2. Lead a weekly prayer meeting to pray for men and their families.
  3. Conduct a bimonthly Bible study for spiritual growth and discipleship. 4. Organize an annual half-day of fasting and prayer.
  1. Provide relevant resources and information to build up men and strengthen the whole family.
  2. Initiate and facilitate small groups, and provide consultation to those supervising small groups, this will provide opportunities for truthfulness, transparency, and genuine sharing.
  3. Work with ethnic ministries directors and pastors to support, promote, and establish Men’s Ministries departments in churches that do not have one.
  4. Promote the concept of stewardship and encourage our men to be faithful stewards in all aspects of their lives.
  5. Organize social events and outings that will bring together men from different ethnic ministries to fellowship and build each other up in Christ.
  1. Enable our men to better understand their calling and how to fulfill it, especially within the context of the Great Commission.
  2. Train and empower men in the areas of leadership, evangelism, discipleship, and community service.
  3. Host a biannual conference-wide Men’s Day of Prayer. 4. Organize a Men’s Annual Weekend Revival.
  1. Inspire, equip, and create opportunities for men to grow in discipleship and engage in community outreach that leads to greater opportunities to serve and lead others to Christ.
  2. Minister to men through devotional e-mails, trainings, study groups, an annual Men’s Prayer Convention, prayer, an annual Men’s Health Awareness workshops, social activities, and individual counseling.
  3. Provide scholarships for our youngsters.
  4. Organize a certification for all Men’s Ministries directors of the GNY

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