About Us

Vision: To inspire, equip, and empower local pastors, elders, deacons/deaconesses, and other leaders with a vision to go and make a lasting difference in their churches and communities.

Mission: To lead people to become fully devoted disciples of Christ so that they can share Christ’s love through outreach and missions.

The Team

Dr. Reginald Barthelemy

[Ministerial Director]

Catherine Merette

[Admin. Assistant]
  1. Provide training to help the GNYC pastors deal with their health and well-being in all its dimensions: spiritual, physical, social, emotional and financial.
  2. Host a biannual Minister’s Growth Seminar to help pastors grow their ministry both spiritually and intellectually.
  3. Organize an annual half-day of prayer for pastors and teachers to deepen their relationships with God and each other.
  4. Connect leaders with God and, through authentic relationships, empower them to mobilize their church in service to their communities.
  1. Provide ongoing training for our licensed ministers, and prepare and groom them for ordination.
  2. Work together with ethnic ministries directors on evaluation for our pastors.
  3. In partnership with the GNYC administration, provide training to elders, deacons/ deaconesses, as well as other leaders through the GNYC School of Evangelism.
  4. Foster collaboration between the Ministerial and Education Departments to facilitate teamwork between pastors and teachers, churches and schools in the Greater New York Conference.
  5. Organize an annual Office Week of Prayer in collaboration with the ethnic ministries’ directors.
  1. Train and equip local church leaders to get connected, discover their purpose, and make an impact in their churches and communities.
  2. Lead local leaders to a growing relationship with Jesus through disciple-making.
  3. Help leaders become fully engaged disciples of Christ who will in turn go into the world and reach others for Christ.
  4. Organize one mission trip.
  1. Celebrate Pastor Appreciation Month.
  2. Have Annual “PK’s Fun Day”, (Pastor’s Kids Fun Day). 3. Host an annual pastor’s half-day of prayer.
  3. Sponsor a pastor’s retreat.
  4. Recognize emeritus pastors.
  5. Encourage more pastors to take a Sabbatical

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