About Us

Vision: A Network of Healthy Churches.

Mission: Our mission is to develop holistically healthy, multi-ethnic congregations that identify with one another and with the Greater New York Conference, and work together to win souls and nurture mature disciples of Christ among the varied ethnic groups in our territory.

Sector Motto: Inform, Involve, Inspire.

The Team

Pr. Steven Siciliano

[Multi-Ethnic Director]

Sandy Salas

[Administrative Assistant]
Winter Warmup 2024 Part 1
Winter Warmup 2024 Part 2
Spring Startup 2024
Winter Warmup 2023 Part 1
  • Learn how your church fits in the Greater New York Conference
  • Meet the new M-E director, other pastors, and fellow church members
  • Build relationships while learning how church organization works
  • Play a role in creating the future for Multi-Ethnic Ministries
Winter Warmup 2023 Part 2
  • Recap of Multi-Ethnic Ministries’ Identity and Goals
  • Pastors’ Role: Theory and Reality
  • Characteristics of Healthy Churches and Members
  • Developing Vision and Mission Statements
Pastoral Cohorts
  • Tony Mazzella
  • Victor Dyman
  • Conrad White (also in English Min)
  • Todd Stout
  • Michelle Odinma
  • Tito Charneco
  • Bogdan Filip (Lay)
  • Andri Dyman
  • Sampson Appiah-Kubi
  • ​​​​​​​Steve Cassimy
  • Billy Jamel
  • Wayne Jamel
  • Emmanuel Osei
  • Okezie Erondu
  • Joseph Sarkodie
  • Paulo Bechara
  • Conrod White
  • ​​​​​​​Emanoil Kumanov (Lay)
  • Rodolfo Bautista
  • Samuel Masih
  • John Lee
  • Bogdon Platon
  • ​​​​​​​James Mangum
  • Eusebio Smordoni
  • Jason Thomas
The Playbook” for Multi-Ethnic Ministries Theological Foundation
  • Jesus of Nazareth is the Christ, the messiah and savior predicted in the Old Testament, who redeemed humankind and inaugurated God’s righteous rule over creation. All who believe in and align with Him are the people of God, called to preach the gospel and to live and promote kingdom values until Jesus returns.
  • Our message is theocentric. Our message leads to the making of disciples. Our message is transformative in the life of a believer. Our message fosters unity in community and holistic restoration of nature and society. Our message is Good News!
  • To extend God’s kingdom among New Yorkers of all ethnic and cultural backgrounds, helping them to live in loving relationship to God and each other.
  • We provide ministerial support and facilitate outreach to the multi-ethnic churches and communities of the Greater New York Conference territory.
  • A. We will design high impact ministries that effectively communicate the gospel to local communities.
  • B. We will promote and facilitate discipleship among our churches.
  • C. We will provide support to empower and equip our leaders.
Multi-Ethnic Ministries
  1. Conduct warm and well-executed worship services that manifest the Spirit of God, and focus on the person and work of Jesus.
  2. Encourage pastors and church leaders to present sound biblical teaching through sermons, Bible studies, and small group meetings while guarding against aberrant doctrines and negative social trends, attitudes, and influences.
  3. Provide training in proper biblical hermeneutics.
  1. Stress the importance of unity, and harmonious relationships among believers, as taught by Jesus and the New Testament writers.
  2. Foster genuine friendship through social events, outings, and service opportunities that bring people happily together.
  3. Recognize and affirm church schools as powerful agencies for building disciples; and urge pastors, members, and church leaders to embrace and invest in Adventist education at all levels.
  4. Remind our congregations that they are not isolated entities but part of the Multi- ethnic and Greater New York Conference fellowship of churches, so that members will be motivated to contribute to and have a voice in the wider conference mission.
  1. Encourage each congregation to develop clear, ambitious, and realistic strategic plans that include vision and mission statements as well as goals, objectives, action steps, and evaluation criteria.
  2. Design and host effective evangelistic programs, events, and services adapted to the unique constituencies that our current congregations are called to minister to.
  3. Invest in new church plants that tailor their outreach programs to clearly-defined demographic groups.
  1. Teach and promote the concept of stewardship in the widest sense – of managing all our resources for God as indicated in the creation accounts in the book of Genesis.
  2. Emphasize that the physical condition of our properties conveys a powerful and often subliminal impression of our denomination and our God, and strive to maintain our churches and schools in exemplary order.
  3. Inculcate a similar vision for and investment in our corporately shared facilities, including the conference headquarters, Camp Berkshire, and Greater New York Academy as well as the parsonages and other properties.
  4. Provide ongoing education regarding how the tithe and offering system works, so that more members might willingly contribute, and the amount of tithes and offerings remitted by the churches may increase.
  5. Ensure that the Multi-ethnic Ministries sector maintains a full roster of pastors who are well-trained, affirmed, accountable, and continually improving.

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