About Us

Our mission is to lead churches and pastors in building a strong foundation of prayer. We will inspire believers to deepen their relationship with God through intercession, fostering a culture of prayer that brings transformation and renewal to communities. We are committed to serving as a trusted partner to churches as they navigate the challenges and opportunities of ministry.

The Team

Neil Turner

[Prayer Coordinator]

Tania Mangum

[Administrative Assistant]
GNYC Prayer Ministry Lines

Flushing SDA

Prayer Warriors’ Line

Coleen Veltri

Zoom: 259 192 4772 PW: (TBA weekly)

Tues – Fri 7:30 pm

Bayanihan SDA

Elder’s Haven @ ZomManna

Rodolfo Bautista

Zoom ID. 645 472 6195 PW: 123456

Weekdays 7 am

New York Filipino SDA

Morning Prayer

Domingo Nacario Jr

Zoom: 259 192 4772 PW: (TBA weekly)

Saturdays 7:30 am

Co-op City SDA

Co-op City Prayer Line

Ambrozene Grizzle

(605) 472-5369 Access: 208166

Wednesdays 12 – 1 pm

First Russian SDA

Prayer line

(712) 770-4059 Access: 685364#

Tuesdays 8:30 pm

Old Westbury SDA

Email/Website Prayer Line

James Mangum / Johane Rhuma


Patchogue SDA

Patchogue Prayer Warriors Session Teleconference

Mark Armstrong

(712) 770-5383 Access: 678404#

Sabbath 1-11 am Week appointments

GNYC Prayer Ministry Lines

Shiloh Bilingual Fr. SDA

Shiloh Prayerline

(712) 775-7031 Access: 750393370

Salem Uniondale Fr. SDA

Salem Prayer Line

Piermichel Joseph

(516) 4142138

Sun-Thur.: 7 pm / Fri – Sat: 8 pm

Peniel Fr. SDA

Les amis de la priere

Davidson Desruisseaux

(774) 220-4000 Access: 21489#

Daily 5:30 & 11:45 am / Fridays: 8 pm

GNYC Prayer Ministry Lines

Sp. Manhattan SDA

Spanish Manhattan Prayer Chain

Natividad Laguerre Genoveva Vega

Phone: (978) 990-5499 Access: 82828965#

Sunday – Friday 5:30 – 6:00 am.

Prayer Ministries
  1. Support and continuously pray for the mission, vision, plans, spiritual and numerical growth of the Greater New York Conference, its employees, congregations and schools.
  2. Provide resources and guidance to local Prayer Coordinators and church leaders on how to develop plans for their congregations to have a deeper prayer focus.
  3. Organize prayer conventions, training seminars, and other relevant prayer initiatives that allow believers to have a more enhanced prayer life.
  4. Liaise with pastors and local church leaders to provide opportunities for believers to serve in prayer ministry, allowing them to exercise their spiritual gifts and develop their leadership abilities.
  1. Partner with the Education Department, Ministerial Department, and Ethnic Coordinators to organize prayer programs where pastors, principals, teachers, staff and students may gather and pray together.
  2. Encourage prayer coordinators to support and/or help plan prayer programs at sister churches.
  3. Encourage prayer coordinators to have prayer programs designed to reach different groups of the church (e.g. youth, women and men’s prayer groups).
  1. Encourage believers to pray for the salvation of others regularly, building a habit of intercession for those who are far from God.
  2. Share practical ideas with Prayer Coordinators and local churches such as how to effectively use the Prayer Ministry as an effective tool to support the pastor’s evangelism plan and to connect with the community.

Pray for all the building projects within the Greater New York Conference and for the finances to complete these projects.


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