About Us

Vision: Unite all Literature Evangelists to proclaim the gospel of hope to all New York in this generation.

Mission: The GNYC Publishing Ministry has the mission of bringing the good news of salvation to New York in a holistic way through books and magazines.

The Team

Pr. Daniel Sanchez

[Publishing Ministries Director]

Pr. Rafael Lebreault

[Administrative Assistant]
Adventist Community Services/Health Ministries

a. Promote Learning and Growing Perspective for Employee Empowerment.

  1. Recognize work suitability of each staff member.
  2. Establish a plan for efficient training of workers that will establish high morale in the
    work environment.
  3. Develop a well-coordinated communication system for the department.
  4. Give workers assignments according to their job description.
  5. Promote seminars and trainings on human-relations on the job.
  6. Encourage classes to assist staff communicate bi-lingually.
  7. Proper system for filing and recording of important information and messages on a
    daily basis will be developed.

To have a Publishing Department focused on soul winning and be financially self sustaining by sharing the Adventist Gospel through our Christian publications.
a. Plant new churches in the next four years.

  1. Train and equip Literature Evangelists in giving Bible Studies and in Soul-winning.
  2. Territory assigned to Literature Evangelists will be studied and considered a target site
    for church-planting.
  3. Initiate church-planting activities like free Bible distribution and health seminars.
  4. At least 2-3 Literature Evangelism professional trainings annually.
  5. Territorial evaluation for church- planting.
  6. Baptize 400 new church members in the next three years.

b. Hiring more Literature Evangelists via the Worldwide Recruiting Perspective.

  1. Increase the present number of regular Literature Evangelists to 40.
  2. Increase the number of student Literature Evangelists to 150 annually.
  3. Employ 10 new regular Literature Evangelist from major ethnicities
    present in New York like Chinese, Filipino, Haitian, Jamaican and Honduran.
  4. Have regular promotion of Literature Evangelism in local churches within the GNYC territory.
  5. Have a regular promotion of the summer program for Literature Evangelism in SDA colleges and universities around the world especially those near the GNYC territory.
  6. Encourage multi-ethnic churches to recommend Literature Evangelists from their country who could best represent them in the Publishing Ministry.

a. Stewardship of Means.

  1. Be financially stable through new income from sales.
  2. Facilitate donations from churches.
  3. Minimize expenses.
  4. Sell one million dollars ($1,000,000.00) of books per year in the next 3 years within
    10% increase annually.
  5. Promote books for free distribution in communities within SDA Churches to be
    sponsored by church members.
  6. Monitor bad debts by establishing consistent follow up. 7. Reject returns of badly damaged books.

b. Stewardship of Care.

  1. House student Literature Evangelists for the Summer Program.
  2. House new Literature Evangelists from other countries at a minimal cost for at least 6
  3. Purchase or rent a 3-story house or apartment to shelter regular Literature Evangelists
    and those in the student program, as needed.
  4. Encourage church members to accommodate Literature Evangelists as much as
    possible in order to cover housing cost.
  5. Request congregations to allow the summer program students to be housed in 43

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