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Proclaim and defend the God-given gift of religious freedom which is integral to our identity as Seventh-day Adventist Christians.

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Pr James Mangum

Planned Giving & Religious Liberty Director

Angella Loy Chin

Promotion Video 2023

Promotion Video 2023

Religious Liberty Campaign 2023
  • To proclaim and defend the God-given gift of religious freedom which is integral to our prophetic role as Seventh-day Adventists and primary evangelistic efforts.
  • Public Affairs and Religious Liberty (PARL) creates favorable conditions to share the good news of freedom and to invite all to loving fellowship with God and fellow human beings. PARL’s mandate is to promote and develop a culture of human rights grounded on human dignity and on the belief in the creation of all humans in God’s image, free to fellowship with God and fellow human beings.
  • Help the leaders of society understand who Adventists are, and how we contribute to the quality of life within every community. PARL works with other church departments to advocate public policy positions on various issues. PARL works in assisting church members who are discriminated against or persecuted for their beliefs.
  • PARL Leaders represent the church before governments, international organizations, and various non-governmental associations.
  • We build relationships with state leaders and public officials by visiting with them, and inviting some to visit our organizations and churches.
  • PARL publishes news reports, articles, books, and an annual World Report on Religious Freedom. The third Sabbath of every January is named “Religious Liberty Sabbath” when church members are invited to remember the importance of protecting and promoting our religious liberty.

Here are some of the areas in which we can assist with:

  • Work and Sabbath scheduling conflicts.
  • ACT, SAT and Professional testing date accommodations.
  • Non-combatancy letters for citizenship applications.
  • Restrictions of the freedom to witness.
  • Liberty Magazine promotions.
  • Religious Liberty Sabbath.
Campaign 2023
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A group of impactful people gathers for the week-long experience — which attendees have described as “a journey into the future.”
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It's hard to learn things on an empty stomach. Breakfast, lunch, snacks and unlimited tea and coffee are all part of the ticket price.
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Access to the conference and a workshop of your choice. Stick around for mind-blowing ideas from best speakers exclusively at Genesis Expo.
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Access to the conference and a workshop of your choice. Stick around for mind-blowing ideas from best speakers exclusively at Genesis Expo.
Religious Liberty/ Planned Giving and Trust Services
  1. Encourage a solid and deep relationship with Jesus Christ
  2. Be fully enlightened of our spiritual responsibility of faithful care of the financial blessings God has endowed us with
  3. Be mindful of the time we are living in and the need to support the GNYC through PGTS and PARL fully
  1. Plan and work with our Pastors, Teachers, and office staff to build a better understanding of PARL and PGTS
  2. Continue providing support to members who need assistance with Sabbath-related issues at the work environment or school
  3. Encourage and promote the importance of giving
  4. Work in collaboration with the North American Division, Atlantic Union Conference, and surrounding conferences
  5. Publish and produce awareness of our financial needs and improvement plans within the conference membership and outside our organization
  6. Educate about the many types of giving options and how to make donations
  1. Promote the different concepts of Planned Giving and supporting the GNYC organization through sermons, training seminars, and local church presentations
  2. Promote the Annual Religious Liberty Campaign
  3. Promoting PGTS and PARL through social media
  4. Continue supporting and encouraging the distribution of Liberty Magazine to community leaders in the GNYC area
  5. Continue monitoring New York State legislation
  6. Make the necessary information about Planned Giving and Trust Services available through our conference website

The aspirational goals for the Planned Giving & Trust Service/Public Affairs & Religious Liberty are to have every member of the GNYC be fully aware of the need to have a Will & Trust and to be faithful donors who will support the gospel commission of preaching the word in New York City. To educate every member of the GNYC about the importance of PARL. To continue recruiting, training, and coordinating with all the departments of the GNYC, inspiring our members to keep the faith and to be ready as well as diligent until the coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ


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