About Us

Vision: All of us putting God first.

Mission: Motivating people to be faithful stewards, trusting God as Owner and Provider, and partnering totally with Him in His mission to save souls.


  • Honesty.
  • Faithfulness.
  • Integrity.
  • Trust.
The Team

Dr. Robert Charles

Stewardship Director

Karen Smordoni

Administrative Assistant
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Stewardship, Building Liaison Director

“But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.” Mat 6:33
“Thus says the Lord, the King of Israel, And his Redeemer, the Lord of hosts: ‘I am the First, and I am the Last; Besides Me there is no God.” Isaiah 44:6
“Honor the Lord with your possessions, And with the firstfruits of all your increase; So your barns will be filled with plenty, And your vats will overflow with new wine.” Proverbs 3:9-10

Stewardship is about our relationship with God. It is our attitude toward God and the resources that He has entrusted to us to manage. It includes but is not limited to finances. Stewardship is about life management. We have been created and redeemed to be faithful stewards, managers of all dimensions of life. A Christian Steward manages God’s resources God’s way.

1. Increase tithes by 2% every year between 2023 and 2026.
2. Increase the percentage of members who are using AdventistGiving.org by 5% every year between 2023 and 2026.
3. Encourage the members to give faithful offerings.

1. Use traditional and digital media to share the good news about stewardship.
2. Conduct stewardship seminars/summits in the churches and with pastors.
3. Work with the Youth Department to have a Stewardship honor for Pathfinders and Adventurers.
4. Help church members to create wealth/financial resources.
5. Help church members to manage their personal financial resources.
6. Help church members to share God’s blessings.

3. Encourage partnership & build bridges between church and community

  • Strive to conduct needs assessment to better serve our community.
  • Encourage churches to use the “Wellness on the Go Van” to bring hope and healing
    to the community.
  • Encourage churches to use the “Shower of Blessing Van” to reach the homeless and
    migrant community.
  • The “Wellness on the Go Center” will facilitate REST:
    – R. Recovery ( Journal to Wholeness – 12 Step Addiction Program).
    – E. Emotional Healing (Social services to provide counseling).
    – S. Spiritual/Social (Lectures on social & spiritual issues).
    – T. Trauma (Reflections on how trauma affects mental and physical health).
  • Adopt and implement an on-going cycle of health evangelism to reach the community.
  • Partner with schools to implement ESL classes.
  • Partner with Northeastern Conference, Atlantic Union, NAD and other Adventist institutions to reach targeted goals.
  • Partner with hospitals and other organizations to host health fairs, health screening, and lectures; and advocate for better health programs.
  • Continue to partner with Team TLC, a non-profit organization, to serve asylum seekers.
  • Partner with local school systems, social service providers, hospitals, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, businesses and community groups, etc.
  • Search for applicable grants to support the programs of GNYC.
  • Support all evangelism programs of GNYC.

4. Engage in community development to complete infrastructure
Complete infrastructure projects that further community development.

  • Wellness on the Go center – Queens.
  • Health Clinic – Brooklyn.
  • Distribution Center – Bronx.
  • Health Evangelism Training Center.
  • Relief Resources for Local churches.
  • Thrift Store.

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