About Us

Vision: Every Youth Doing what Jesus Commanded.

Mission: To love, inspire, equip, and support children, youth, and young adults as they connect with Jesus, mingle with, and serve their community with their talents.

The Team

Pr Enmanuel Contreras

[Youth Director]

Pr Adrian Case

[Assoc. Youth Director]

Verónica Chaug

[Administrative Assistant]
Adventist Youth

A. Developing an Attractive and Spiritual Young Adult Ministry.
It is our task to guide and inspire our young adults to maintain a personal and healthy relationship with Christ by:

  1. Hosting programs with an intentional emphasis on prayer and Bible study on relevant topics that connect with the challenges of daily life.
  2. Promoting young adult get-togethers to have fun and to make new friends in the faith.
  3. Mentoring those who attend non-Adventist colleges in the city and state, and empowering them to exercise their faith and live out their beliefs.
  4. Advocating for the inclusion of more young adults in the leadership of local churches.
  5. Training and supporting Adventist Youth Ministries in the local church.
  6. Promoting a balanced lifestyle as stewards of God with our time, finances, and the use of our bodies.

B. Guiding our Youth to develop a solid and consistent spirituality.
We believe that investing time and resources in children and the youth is essential to retaining them in the church when they become young adults. We will work towards that goal by:

  1. Helping every youth and child to be a member of the Pathfinder or Adventurer clubs.
  2. Promoting, training, and explaining the importance of memorizing and sharing the scriptures I. through the PBE (Pathfinder Bible Experience), and developing the habit of personal study.
  3. Strengthening and promoting the puppet ministry, to teach our Adventurers spiritual lessons from Bible characters that they can apply in their lives.
  4. Cultivating spirituality as the primary norm to rule our Camporees.

We are committed to assisting the youth and young adults to find and develop their gifts and talents as they learn new abilities. We will achieve this by:

A. Investing in our School of Leadership and Evangelism.

  1. Strengthening our School of Leadership and Evangelism by offering courses relevant to the needs of youth and young adults.
  2. Helping youth to recognize the importance of public speaking in order to lead and serve in the local church.
  3. Preparing the youth and young adults to evangelize by developing their skills as they contribute to the communication and audio-visual ministries in the local churches.
  4. Being intentional in regard to the mental health of our youth and young adults by establishing a Mental Health Track on the Adventist Counseling Certification.
  5. Equipping our instructors and inspire them to grow professionally.

B. Strengthening the Teen Leadership Training (TLT).

We believe that time wisely invested in adolescents will help us understand the challenges that Millennials and Generation Z will face in the local church.

We will work towards this by:

  1. Developing and supporting TLT coordinators in every geographical area of our conference.
  2. Forming and promoting TLT clubs by area.
  3. Advocating for leadership opportunities for the teenagers in the local church and in conference programs.

C. Strengthing the Adventist Youth Ministries Staff.

  1. Enhancing the mentorship program, to develop new ministry leaders
  2. Expanding the staff (as needed), by adding new leaders who have come out of the School of Leadership and Evangelism.
  3. Caring for the staff ’s physical, mental, and spiritual health as they minister to the youth in the conference.

D. Developing the Master Guide Program in the geographical area of our conference.

  1. Appointing new leaders in charge of the Master Guide program in each area.
  2. Motivating and supporting the churches that want to establish a local Master Guide School sponsored by the GNYC Youth Department.
  3. Inspiring the Master Guides to assist the churches that do not have Pathfinder or Adventurer Clubs.

We believe that youth and young adults connected with Jesus and equipped for His work have friends and family that need to know what they know. We will encourage them to share their faith by:

A. Empowering Clubs and Adventist Youth Societies at the local church.

  1. Affirming the belief that that “united in mission we will go” .
  2. Inspiring every club in the local church to recruit non-Adventist members in their community.
  3. Encouraging every Adventist Youth Society in the local churches to read out to nonbelievers and to youth who left the church.
  4. Promoting and supporting youth evangelism programs by area by establishing sports leagues and tournaments in which the youth can invite nonbelievers to play and share their faith with them.
  5. Baptizing youth and young adults at every Camporee and summer camp.
  6. As a department, preparing and distributing evangelistic, youth-oriented material to foster a discipleship culture within our youth and young adults.
  7. Promoting and creating space for mission trips in which our youth and young adults connect and share the love of Jesus in places in need.

B. Connecting in Mission Through Social Media.

  1. To grow the Youth Department social media platforms by including formative, spiritual, and evangelistic content.
  2. To establish a podcast to connect with youth and young adults in our conference and create content suggested by them.
  3. To encourage every Youth Department and club ministry in the local church to use the media to bless and communicate to their communities.
  4. To inspire youth and young adults to share the love of Jesus through their social media platforms.

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