About Us
  1. Promote a specific mission identity.
  2. Create a dramatic effect of the Gospel through strategic communication skills.
  3. Communicate the vision of the Greater New York Conference through creative marketing.

The following focus areas will allow us to advance the mission of the GNYC with a targeted approach:

  • Public Relations & Information Sharing .
  • Training & Continuing Education.
  • Digital Presence & Strategic Marketing.
  • Infrastructure & Development.
The Team

Clavour R. Tucker, Mdiv, MA

[Communication Director]

Wayne Jamel, Mdiv

[Associate Communication Director]

Lisa González

[Administrative Assistant]
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    Public Relations & Information Sharing.
    We will:

    • Share the story of the GNYC through creative content development and innovative marketing
    • Design production events that magnify the glorified Christ.
    • Provide to our community and partners a high-quality, Christ-centered view of the Greater New York Conference and all its entities, including our schools .
    • Host annual and quarterly events centered on the work of Christ and the need for effective communicators who are able to adapt to an ever-changing society.
    • Continue to challenge communicators to find new and innovative ways to share the light of the Gospel.

    Training & Continuing Education.
    We will:

    • Identify and train dedicated members according to their areas of skill and interest.
    • Structure the communication ministry of the GNYC to include local communicators.
    • Provide targeted training and development according to needs and the vision of the GNYC.
    • Establish and empower teams to conduct ministry that reflects the high standard of the GNYC.
    • Create spaces where local church communicators can connect and continually find resources.

    Digital Presence & Strategic Marketing.
    We will:

    • Design and build a social media/content strategy for maximum effectives.
    • Revise the GNYC logo with a modern, next-generation design.
    • Add additional social media platforms to the communication channel list: Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.
    • Redesign our current GNYC website.
    • We believe that this drive to redefine and establish our digital presence will:
    • Maximize the opportunity to reach a much wider audience.
    • Provide greater access to the GNYC constituents and partners.
    • Serve as an advance information hub for the GNYC members.

    Infrastructure & Development.
    To effectively position ourselves to reach the next generation of believers, we need to invest in technology and our media infrastructure carefully and intentionally. We therefore seek to accomplish the following:

    1. Form the Greater New York Conference (GNYC) Media and Production House Company.

    • Function as the creative arm and main broadcast unit of the GNYC.
    • Oversee the development of content as determined by the GNYC.
    • Prepare the media infrastructure needed to facilitate large-scale productions.

    2. Create the Greater New York Conference (GNYC) Media and Production Studio and Training Center.
    This is a highly advanced media and production studio space which will serve as the main creative hub of the GNYC. Here we will:

    • Create content that reflects the vision and mission of the GNYC.
    • Provide a space for training and continuing education in media and technology studies
    • Establish and expand the reputation of the GNYC brand through partnerships and collaboration.

    3. Develop a Greater New York Conference Podcast, a weekly recording of rich content intended to:

    • Provide a space for healthy conversations and dialogue on pertinent topics.
    • Share stories of the faith and hope.
    • Support engagement and community building.
    • Provide a space for youth and young adults to engage and have meaningful conversations.

    4. Publish a Greater New York Conference Newsletter.
    A quarterly news release to the Greater New York Conference constituency detailing events, ministry updates, and other relevant information. This platform will allow us to:

    • Build relationships across the Greater New York Conference.
    • Share key information and resources.
    • Create a space that highlights the various cultures’ ministry experience across the Greater New York Conference.