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Prayers For Haiti

Amidst the recent tragic events unfolding in Haiti, a heartfelt call for urgent prayers was made by Dr. Alanzo Smith, President of Greater New York Conference of Seventh-day Adventist, and Dr. Andy Lagredelle, Franco-Haitian Ministries Coordinator, GNYC. The response to this call has been overwhelming, as many have fervently lifted their voices in prayer.

The testimonies shared by those directly affected by the unfolding crisis, or with family members impacted, have stirred deep emotions and brought tears to our eyes. However, amidst the despair, there shines a beacon of hope in the form of Dr. Pierre Omeler’s, President, Atlantic Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, powerful message delivered during this trying time.

Dr. Omeler’s words, resonating with hope, unity, and courage in the face of adversity, have left an indelible mark on our hearts. The resounding declaration, “Haiti must bounce back in the name of Jesus,” reverberates throughout the sanctuary, serving as a rallying cry for strength and resilience.

As we continue to lift our prayers for Haiti, let us remain steadfast in our faith, trusting in the power of God to bring healing, restoration, and peace to the land and its people.

-Lisa Gonzalez

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Empowering Women in Urban Mission

Empowering Women in Urban Mission:
A Transformative Training Workshop at Victory SDA Church, Bronx, NY

On a dreary morning with rain persisting from the night before, a beacon of warmth and inspiration awaited within the walls of Victory Seventh-day Adventist Church in Bronx, NY. Despite the challenging weather, the Greater New York Conference Women’s Ministries Training Workshop unfolded with unwavering enthusiasm and a commitment to the theme, “Women in Urban Mission.”  Led by Lisa D. González, Women’s Ministries Director, and supported by Myrna Harris, local women’s ministries leader, and Associate Pastor Dorrage Stephens and his dedicated technical crew, the event promised to be an enlightening and empowering experience.

The day commenced with a touching devotional titled “I Believe,” delivered by Maria Elena Godoy Siciliano, a registered dietitian and member of Hartsdale SDA Church. Her words resonated, emphasizing that every believer is a representative of Jesus Christ in God’s family and kingdom. In a delightful transition from the insightful presentations, the GNYC Children’s Ministries Coordinator, Michelle Broomfield, skillfully orchestrated an engaging ice breaker. With warmth and enthusiasm, she encouraged all participants to invite the Holy Spirit to impress upon them a key word—a guiding theme for the year concerning their ministry or service.

Lisa D. González, the GNYC Women’s Ministries Director, provided insightful presentations on the multifaceted role of women in ministry and the broader scope of urban mission. The workshop continued with compelling contributions from Michelle Odinma, pastor of Community Life at Church of the Advent Hope, and Racquel Pierre, Community Services Director of the same church. Their discussions on homelessness, literacy, migrants, and food insecurity in New York City were not just informative but also highlighted the importance of understanding the root causes before addressing the problems.

A standout example was shared, demonstrating the power of proactive community engagement. Michelle Odinma and Racquel Pierre’s team, upon discovering a literacy issue at the Robert F Kennedy School, not only volunteered and provided volunteers to read to the children but also secured a grant to rebuild the library, providing brand-new books. This tangible expression of love echoed the words of Matthew 25:40, emphasizing the transformative impact of helping those in need.

Della Patton, Women’s Ministries Evangelism Advisory member, and Personal Ministries Director for North Bronx SDA Church, introduced an exciting Street Ministry initiative. Collaborating with women’s ministry leaders across the conference, we aim to win souls through major events, starting with the WM Evangelistic Series on March 8-16, 2024, featuring Pastor Peggy Filossaint from Maranatha Haitian Seventh-day Adventist Church. The rallying call was clear: united for His cause, there are no limits to what the Lord can achieve through us.  We closed out this segment with a prayer of commitment from Pastor Lloyd Scharffenberg and Dr. Bianel Lara.

The program concluded with an inspiring talk from Dr. Bianel Lara, the conference Personal Ministries Director GNYC, urging attendees not to be “Passive Christians” and emphasizing the importance of seizing every opportunity to share the gospel.

Despite the weather challenges, the Greater New York Conference Women’s Ministries Training Workshop at Victory SDA Church was a resounding success, marking the largest in-person gathering since before the pandemic. The gratitude extended to Victory SDA Church pastors, members, presenters, committee members, interpreters, and participants reflects the spirit of unity and collaboration that will undoubtedly propel the mission of winning souls for the Kingdom.  May we continue to be His hands and feet, making a lasting impact in our communities.


Lisa D. González,
GNYC Women’s Ministries Director

Editor Pastor Clavour R. Tucker
Communication Director

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GNYC Welcomes Seven Pastors to the Gospel Ministry

For many individuals the word ordination is synonymous with a beautiful celebration, an event overflowing with pump and circumstances, beautiful singing, high moments and so much more. While these are certainly elements that we can appreciate at an Ordination Ceremony, but the act of ordaining means so much more. Ellen White in her characterization of the disciples call to gospel ministry frames it best when she wrote, “After choosing His disciples, Christ appointed them as His representations and gave them their ordination charge, their commission. They were to go forth as His witness, to declare what they had seen and heard of Him. Their office was the most important to which human beings had ever been called and was second only to that of Christ Himself. They were to be workers together with God for the saving of the world”. EGW, The Regions Beyond, Pacific Union Recorder, December 4, 1902.

On Sabbath November 11, the Greater New York Conference hosted a grand Ordination Ceremony at the First Ghana SDA Church. This Ordination experience embodied the true essence of the experience, which is a recognition of the hand of God upon those whom He has called into ministry with Him, and an empowering of those individuals to do even greater things. It was truly a moment in time as we celebrated with the following Pastors, the families, and the hundreds in attendance.  Pastors, Andres Canela, Christian Genao, Dauris Contreras, Dumernois Decembre, Elias Santana, Pierre Desruisseaux, and Pastor Vladimir Isaac. With your prayerful support, we are confident that the God who has begun this great work within and through our newly ordained Pastors will continue to do even greater things in the Greater New York Conference and throughout the world.

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United Camp Meeting 2023

Dear Greater New York Conference Family

This year’s camp season has truly been an extraordinary experience. We have seen record numbers in attendance across all our camp meetings, we have seen a great number of individuals give their lives to Christ in baptism, we have had transformative preaching and dynamic worship experiences, and the fellowship has been sweet.


But there is more!


Our United Camp Meeting is almost here! We are looking forward to a grand experience. This United Camp Meeting puts the Great in Greater New York.

Camp Berkshire Rededication Ceremony

While we continue to celebrate the renovation and development project at Camp Berkshire, we recognize that this historic development has only been possible because of the blessings of our Lord and your faithfulness. We implore you to join us on Sabbath, September 9, at @9:15 a.m., at Camp Berkshire for a Rededication Ceremony.


Additionally, the evening’s program will feature an exciting recognition and awards ceremony.


You cannot afford to miss all that is in store for you. Please prepare to spend the entire day at Camp Berkshire.


Come for the worship, stay for the fellowship.


We look forward to seeing you.

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Love Shouldn’t Hurt


Above you will find a short promotional video. Please take a few minutes this Sabbath to show it to your congregation and invite them to attend the enditnow program on August 25-26, 2023 at 7:30 pm nightly.

Pray for our children!

Interpretation in Spanish will be provided.


Arriba encontrarán un breve video promocional. Por favor, dediquen unos minutos este Sábado para mostrarlo a su congregación e invitarlos a asistir al programa enditnow los días 25 y 26 de agosto de 2023 a las 7:30 pm cada noche.


¡Oren por nuestros niños!


La interpretación en español será proporcionada.

Lisa D. Gonzalez, Women’s Ministries Director | 516-627-9350

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Heritage Singers Live in Concert

Camp Berkshire Development Fundraiser Concert
Dear Greater New York Conference Family

Over the past few months, with your help, the Greater New York Conference has begun a series of long overdue renovations and development projects at Camp Berkshire. To God be glory several projects have been completed on the main auditorium. Some of those included, a brand-new roof, new ceiling, new flooring, new bathrooms, new carpet on the stage and balcony, a new and improved front stage, complete with a digital wall, and new lighting infrastructure.

However, there is much more to be done, and we’d like to give you an opportunity to partner with us on this historic opportunity.

We are excited to share with you that on Sabbath September 23, 2023, the Greater New York Conference and its partners have planned a fundraiser and benefit concert in aid of Camp Berkshire Development, to be held at the North Bronx SDA Church with the international gospel group, the Heritage Singers.

We are confident that you will be in attendance and share the event with your congregations and friends. We also ask that you make this investment a matter of prayer and give deep consideration to the nature and impact of your gift.

For more information, please contact Pastor James Mangum at 516-627-9350.

We look forward to seeing you there!


North Bronx SDA Church

3743 Bronxwood Avenue

Bronx, NY, 10469

Date: Sabbath, September 23, 2023

Time: 7:30-9:30 pm EST

Doors Open: 6:00 pm EST

Tickets will be available online